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The Ivy League Advantage: A peek into the world’s best colleges and their benefits

Updated: May 14, 2022

The face of education has changed considerably in the past two decades. And we are glad it did. Quality education has become increasingly accessible with online content delivery modes. Students can now go for international degrees while choosing to study from their own countries. However, some things do not change irrespective of the changing times. And that’s what legacy is all about.

Ivy League universities are respected legacies that are as desirable and aspirational as they were more than a century ago. The USA is home to the Ivy League universities — Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia universities and the University of Pennsylvania. The stronghold that they have as esteemed educational institutes offering high-quality education and crème-de-la-crème faculty is a result of matchless value delivered over the years.

No wonder, students across the globe aim for Ivy League education and strive to get admission even though the rate of admission in these colleges is almost always less than 10 percent. Let’s have a look at the reasons that have made the Ivy League universities the most sought-after options for undergraduate courses:

Impactful alumni network

Ivy League alumni can be dated back to as far as the 17th century. The Ivy League's alumni network is one of its most valuable assets. Ivy League universities offer not just college friendships, but relationships that extend much beyond that. Graduates from these universities often land their first job after graduation through their connections with alumni.

Alumni networks in the Ivy League are well-known for being adaptable and resilient. Graduates not only have a world-class education, but they're also part of an elite, erudite class of people who have an elevated vision and a very different perspective towards the world. Contacts with Ivy League grads have the potential to change your life and career.

Matchless research material

When you get an Ivy League education, you have access to research and study materials created by some of the world's brightest minds in academia. These university professors are highly educated and passionate about their subject matter. These resources would have the power of their years of research and insights. Students who enter these colleges have access to cutting-edge research undertaken by these brilliant minds.

Enviable first jobs and starting packages

Organizations across industries compete to hire Ivy League graduates who are trained to bring peerless value and expertise to their business. But while the Ivy League graduates are the most sought-after professionals, most of them also have a strong ambition to start their own ventures. Hence, in a bid to hire them, organizations offer unbelievably high packages. This is not just a bait to hire them, but also a value of the unbeatable knowledge and insight they bring onboard.

Unique, invaluable perspective

The true objective of education is to see the unseen. Almost all Ivy League Universities believe not just in preparing the students for a better career, but an inspirational life ahead. These colleges create leaders out of students so that they gear up for the current times as well as the challenges anticipated in the future. They have a unique vision and a very different perspective towards the most pressing humanitarian challenges like education.

It is believed that getting admission to Ivy League universities is not easy. But at Writers Qi, we believe that colleges aspire for great students as much as students aspire for great colleges. All we need is a meticulous approach, the right guidance, and a view of what each college is looking for.

Book a consultation with us to pave your way to the Ivy League. If you have the will, we will be happy to help you see the way.

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