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Love animals? Study to become a vet!

So you always wanted to save the world. An animal at a time?

Naira from Delhi has been caring for animals as a child when she could not spell V-E-T. “It’s not what I do, its who I am,” she says. She wants to study veterinary science in the UK to build a sound foundation for veterinarian dreams and also experience the culture of UK’s vibrant cities and mesmerizing countryside.

A Foundation in the UK: Your Passport to an Enriching Career

The UK, with its diverse veterinary communities that work towards the health and welfare of animals, provides innumerable career opportunities to efficient and qualified vets. Since the degree is valid in Australia, New Zealand and even in India, you can even consider working in other counties or back home after finishing your studies. Some of the vet schools that are accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, even open doors for you to practice in the USA and Canada.

What is the Veterinary Degree Course all About?

A typical undergraduate degree program is a 5-year program. It includes 2 years of the foundation course, 2 years of clinical phase, and 1 year of professional phase. Different subjects are taught during these years including anatomy, physiology, microbiology, animal husbandry and pathology.

Postgraduate and doctoral programs are focused on specialization and research.

Veterinary Courses in the UK

Universities offer various undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs under veterinary science. Though details of courses offered by individual universities are listed on their websites, few of the courses offered include:

Undergraduate Courses:

● Veterinary Science BVSc

● Foundation to Health and Veterinary Studies

● BSc. Honours in Veterinary Conservation Medicine Intercalated

Postgraduate Courses:

● Surgical Veterinary

● Veterinary Business Management

● Veterinary Physiotherapy

● MSc. in Applied Animal Behaviour

● MSc. In Applied Bioscience

PhD. Research Programmes:

● Veterinary public health

● Veterinary Neurology

● Advanced veterinary diagnostic imaging

● Veterinary Microbiology

Which are the top Universities for a Veterinary Course in the UK?

Below are few of the top universities offering these courses -

● Bristol University

● University of Edinburgh

● University of Glasgow

● University of Liverpool

● University of Cambridge

● University of Nottingham

Career Options After Completing the Course

There are a variety of options for a Veterinary Science graduate these days. You may consider joining public health centres for animal welfare; charity houses for animals, laboratories, or even start your own health centre for animals.

Apart from clinical practice, there are several other career options you can explore. For example, you could take up wildlife projects or work with the government to maintain biosecurity.

You may continue studies to postgraduate or PhD to engage in animal research projects or pursue specialized areas of study.

What are the Admission Requirements for a Veterinary Course in the UK?

The general entry requirements are as below:

● IB(International Baccalaureate) Requirements - 36-38 points

● A Level – AAA or A*AB including Chemistry and either Mathematics, Biology or Physics

● IELTS Requirements – It should be 7.0 overall with a minimum of 6.5 in any one component

Refer to the detailed admission process and entry requirements for UK Veterinary Schools here.

It’s beautiful when Passion and Career Meet!

Being a veterinarian is not just a career but also an opportunity to work for animal welfare. If your heart is set to work with animals, give wings to your passion with a degree in veterinary science from the UK. Hear our webinar on 10th July to know more. Register here.

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