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Are you planning to do an MBA? Are you confused about the process & how the admission officers decide your fate? 👀


Join us at the IG LIVE where Anjali Raghbeer (Founder, Writers Qi) will be answering all your questions about the admission process for MBA applications 📑

It’s the perfect opportunity to understand how your application will be evaluated and what you can do to improve them before you apply! So, what are you waiting for? ⏳

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Registration link: https://forms.gle/ncYo4wnsQrQzArk4A

🗓️ January 10, 2022
⌚ 5 PM IST/6:30 AM EST
📧 marketing@writersqi.com

☎️ +91 9871258861


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The Swiss Surprise!


Meet Chef Ritu Dalmia for a conversation with Culinary Arts School from Switzerland while participating in a master class which will be a virtual cook out!


Diva Restaurants will send you a delicious gourmet meal for two for the event. Go on Instagram @thewritersqi to win a chance to participate in this virtual mouthwatering session! 

Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/TheSwissSurprise

Saturday, December 19, 2020

🕖 12:00 PM IST

📧 admin@writersqi.com

☎️ +91 9962100569

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 Let’s talk films, scriptwriting, and Tisch (NYU) with Sabrina Dhawan

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/x6QB8eEujEvkkDQb7

Friday, November 6, 2020

🕖 7:30 PM IST or 9:00 AM EST

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Ashoka University & Plaksha University

In conversation with two of the leading universities in India

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Why this College ?

Have you started writing your college supplemental essays?

Stay tuned for our workshop !!!

Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/WhyXCollege

Wednesday, 21st October, 2020

🕖 6.00 PM IST or 8:00 AM EST

📧 admin@writersqi.com

☎️ +91 9962100569

Meet Dr. Dybrowski of University of Cambridge
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Virtual Tour of the Culinary Arts Academy 

Gather around culinary enthusiasts 🥘 we are taking a trip to Switzerland! Join us in a conversation with Tarek Kouatly as he takes us around the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland in a virtual tour

INSTA LIVE @thewritersqi : https://www.instagram.com/thewritersqi/

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/gtuWMpT9XguBVBXu9

Friday, 25th September

🕖 6.00 PM IST or 8:30 AM EST

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ACT hacks with Gradeful Test Prep


Alex and Patrick, Yale graduates, with a decade of experience, bring you ACT hacks. This can help you bump up your score for the upcoming ACT on 11th & 12th September. 


On INSTA LIVE @thewritersqi

Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/AceYourACTs

🗓️ Wednesday, 2nd September & Wednesday, 9th September

🕖 6.00 PM IST

📧 admin@writersqi.com

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A mock-admissions committee will take participants through the application process and how candidates are selected. Anne Corriveau, Director of Admissions Boston University, Paul Greene, College Admissions Counsellor at UNIS, New York, and Anjali Raghbeer, Director of Writers Qi, New Delhi, will host this insightful session.


Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/y3886y6g

For more details press here.

🗓️ Friday, 21st August
🕖 7 PM IST
📧 admin@writersqi.com
☎️ +91 8595600281

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Attention: High school students

Writers Qi teams up with India's No. 1 Success coach, Anand Chulani, to bring a session for high schoolers on how to discover your potential! This is a FREE workshop that will help students to become confident about their choices and discover their true calling! Become an ABSOLUTE CHAMPION!

Registration: https://tinyurl.com/y5avvzwh

🗓️ Friday 24th July (ZOOM WEBINAR)

🕖 7.00 PM IST | 2.30pm BST

📧 admin@writersqi.com

☎️ +91 8595600281

Instagram: @thewritersqi for INSTA LIVE on 22nd July at 5pm

(Followed by a 7 session workshop, dates tba, call Anupamaa for enquiries)

Bristol University: About Law, Medicine & Veterinary Studies

In conversation with Doris Bechstein (International market manager India) & Professor Judy Laing (Bristol Law school)


Doris Bechstein (International market manager India) discusses in depth the admission process for one of the topmost UK universities, Bristol University. Viewers can virtually tour the campus, be informed about admissions during the unprecedented times of Covid-19, and learn about life at Bristol.

British Boarding Schools: What is it like?

Malvern College and Haileybury School representatives talk about how British Boarding Schools give students a unique experience

This video is specifically for Indian students looking to pursue an education at a boarding school in the United Kingdom.

Pomona College & Swarthmore College: What is a liberal arts education?

In conversation with Adam Sapp and Lisa Shen to understand the nuances of a liberal arts program.


 Answering some frequently asked questions about studying liberal arts in conversation with Adam Sapp from Pomona college, a part of the Claremont Consortium, and Lisa Shen from Swarthmore college.

Northeastern University: Admission FAQs answered

In conversation with Brendon Graham, Senior Admissions officer | A Complete Step By Step Discussion

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Here we're covering some of the very basic and common to all questions about housing, cost of living, program intensity, and job opportunities in Boston. Most of the questions answered in this video are also applicable to other universities in Boston

New York University: Admission criteria, highlights of schools in NYU and study-abroad

In conversation with Alexander Polk, Assistant Director of Admissions

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This video is for all students looking to pursue their college education at the prestigious New York University. Alexander Polk, the assistant director of admissions discusses in detail the current admission process for indian students and international students.

Georgetown University Admissions

Irfan Nooruddin, Professor School of Foreign Services, tells us what it takes to get into Georgetown University along with an alumni 

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In this video Irfan Nooruddin discusses the current situation for students at Georgetown University, and shares insights on the admissions process for international students at Georgetown.

Boston University Admissions

In conversation with the Director of International admissions, Anne Corriveau who brings a current student to share the experience of studying at BU

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Anne Corriveau, the director of International Admissions at Boston University discusses the admission process for an education at Boston University and the opportunities available at the university. She provides insight on how to make your application standout.

The Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program at Columbia Business School. 

In this video Professor McQuade of Columbia University discusses in detail the Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program, a pre-college course by Columbia University.


This is a program started by Columbia Business school to foster entrepreneurship among students. Professor McQuade discusses how the prestigious university has continued its summer programmes even in the time of Covid-19. 

Choosing the right major:  What should I study in college?

In this video, three US graduates from prestigious universities: Columbia, Northeastern, and UPenn talk about the majors they selected, their college experience and life after graduation.⁣


This video is perfect for students with questions about life as a university student, looking for guidance from those with first-hand experience. 

The future of college applications during Covid-19

WritersQi discusses college applications with Erica Sin, Director, Arborbridge (SAT Test Prep) and Paul Greene (ex Admissions Officer at Boston University).


This video is for students affected by COVID-19, who cannot participate in their extracurricular activities, attend internships or simply have had to go home because of COVID-19. 

The Art & Design Portfolio webinar | Parsons school of design

Writers Qi in conversation with Lauren Kushnick from Parsons School of Design for tips on preparing your art & design portfolio.


This webinar is a must attend for students and their families interested in art colleges.