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High School Summer Programs in USA & Europe

Updated: May 14, 2022

The college admission landscape is getting increasingly competitive with each passing year. The most popular and highly preferred undergraduate courses and colleges are getting highly selective. According to U.S. News data, in 1990, the acceptance rate at the University of Pennsylvania was 41 percent, but by 2017 the percentage of accepted applications dropped significantly to 10!

What does this mean?

This means that following the regular high school curriculum and having an impressive scorecard may not be enough to get you through your dream college, especially if you plan to be a part of the 2022-23 academic batch or the ones after that.

So how would you make the admission committee stop and give some serious thought to your college application?

The answer lies in getting out of your comfort zone and earning some exposure in the area of your choice in your high school years. Summer programs in USA & Europe for high school students give a great pre-college headstart to students who want to add some significant weight to their AP application and of course, learn something worth talking about.

Making a case for summer programs

If you are deciding to spend your summer pursuing a popular summer program, you are:

- About to destress qualitatively after a hectic high school year by actively engaging in things that matter

- Getting a chance to make great connections with students from diverse cultures and ethnicities

- Going to build important life skills including communication, empathy and leadership that may help you immensely in your college years

- Getting an opportunity to explore and spend a memorable time in world-class destinations with rich history and culture

- Getting a chance to participate in cultural and language immersion programs to brush up your foreign language skills and practice with the natives. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So, what are some of the best summer programs?

Europe and USA are the hotbeds for competitive universities and programs for students from across the globe. They are equally lucrative destinations for pre-school summer programs as well.

Let’s have a look at some standout options in both continents.

High School Summer Programs in the USA

Who is it for?

For students aged 14-18 years, interested in pursuing journalism, creative writing, international relations, photojournalism and related domains

What does it offer?

A deep dive into journalism as a career with a curriculum designed to groom students for a rigorous bachelor’s course and a career in journalism

Mode of teaching

Residential experience on campus or through remote instruction from home.

Who is it for?

Students in 9th -12th grade who are unsure of what they want to pursue in college and need a professional, insightful guidance

What does it offer?

Programs such as Aviation, Health Careers, Automotive Technology, Engineering, and more

Who is it for?

Harvard aspirants with an impressive academic record wanting to experience college grade curriculum

What does it offer?

An intensive two-week program with a challenging college-level course taught by the Harvard faculty

Structured co-curricular activities, college readiness workshops and more

High School Summer Programs in Europe

Who is it for?

Students wishing to immerse themselves in a cultural, linguistic or sport-centered program

What does it offer?

The program offers an opportunity to mingle with a diverse mix of students at an unbeatable location. It includes some extraordinary courses for students who haven’t made up their minds for a degree course yet

Who is it for?

Current high school juniors who are academically gifted leaders in their school

What does it offer?

A 10-day seminar on global issues that offer college credit. Only 120 students are admitted each year to this free program

Who is it for?

Young high school students interested in an introductory course in technology at the cultural centre of Europe- Berlin.

What does it offer?

Two-to-four-week-program in German language, precision engineering, programming, Bio Design and more.

The summer program experience is quite different than your regular high school experience. The focus in summer programs is more on the qualitative side of education where you get to learn things that matter instead of accumulating scores. Make the most of your high school summertime by choosing a course that is closest to your area of interest. You will get an insightful headstart and guidance from the veterans early in your career.

Book a consultation with WritersQi to understand the high school summer program options in USA and Europe that are the right fit for you.

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