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How to start building an impressive AP profile in high school – Part 2

Updated: May 14, 2022

This is part-2 of the WritersQi Profile Building series where we discuss some more important, unmissable points to keep in mind while building a profile for your AP in the Ivy league undergraduate schools and beyond. Just to recap, we mentioned the importance of starting early, identifying your unique qualities, creating a powerful resume, writing a focused SOP and most importantly, developing a well-rounded personality that you can effortlessly demonstrate in your profile. We have always stressed that just showing a plethora of skills in your application would not impress the admission committee. To really make a mark, you must help the committee understand your real self and show focused passion in a single domain, while simultaneously showcasing a well-rounded personality with skills like leadership, collaboration, vision etc.

But that is not all. There are more, lesser-known ways to get on the selected list of the admission committee of leading undergraduate schools. And we have covered them all for you.

7. Get an impactful Letter of Recommendation (LoR)

You may create the most enviable profile in the world, but your portfolio needs to be backed by an authority to make an indelible mark over the colleges you are applying for. Try to get a credible authority like a college professor or your high school teacher to write a letter of recommendation for you mentioning your academic and non-academic skills, your personality and character. Advocating your leadership abilities and other 21st century skills will also go a long way in making your profile impactful.

8. Include your work experience

We know that having a work experience in high school is not easy. But the objective behind asking your work experience is not to access your pay scale or years of experience, but to understand your abilities to take up a task and deliver with integrity and passion. The colleges would want candidates who are ready to support a cause they feel for and contribute to the society by doing more than what is naturally expected out of a student. They want to see more substantial merits than grades on your profile. Work experience can be gained by taking out time to help a small business in your community by promoting it on social media, get people to join a cause you support, help your school in an academic or non-academic initiative, take up the responsibility of teaching underprivileged students etc.

9. Thoroughly research about the university with the help of alumni and professors

Every school is different in principles, preferences and ideologies. Who can guide you better than the students who have taken the journey you are on? Connect with the alumni of the university you are applying into. LinkedIn is a great platform to connect, converse and clear your queries. Be professional and polite in your approach. The alma mater of the undergraduate college you are applying for might help you focus on the areas the admission committee cares for. Similarly, if you can connect well with the faculty of your dream school, you can get great guidance to make your profile outstanding.

It goes without saying that profile building is a rigorous, meticulous and highly strategic task upon which rests your future. It always helps to take expert guidance and support in building your AP profile. Education consultants that deal in profile building assistance for undergraduate college admissions can help a great deal in making you stand out.

WritersQi specializes in making your journey into the undergraduate college of your choice easy. Get in touch with us to discuss and build a promising profile.

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