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With a robust track record spanning over nine years, DOCENT RESEARCH has formalized its Research Mentorship Program, which is designed specifically for high school students and graduates. The program has successfully guided the publication of over 85 research papers with a commitment to academic excellence and innovation. Many of the students are now studying at Ivy League Universities. Our mentorship spans across humanities and science subjects.

By participating in the DOCENT RESEARCH PROGRAM, young scholars are not only instructed in the rigorous process of conducting original research but are also given the unique opportunity to publish their findings. Today, this is a very key part when applying to international universities. It empowers them with knowledge, experience, and a notable start in their academic and professional careers.


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Areas of Research


STEM, Medicine & Computer Science


Business & Economics


Psychology & Humanities


Social Sciences & International Relations


Art & Film Studies

Program Dates 

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Ahaan Anand
Currently studying at Virginia Tech

“Docent's mentorship was pivotal in helping me understand complex economic theories and apply them to real-world issues. My mentor guided me every step of the way, from ideation to publication. The skills I gained have been invaluable in my academic journey."

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