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Top 6 Strategies To Write A Perfect MBA Admissions Essay

Your MBA essay is your voice! It must include your thoughts and opinions; hence there are a few things to remember when responding to these essay questions.

So, let's dive into the main topic: "How do you compose a superb MBA essay to crack the deal?"

  1. Focus on the question

You might have written an award-winning essay, but would that make sense if you didn't answer the main question? A BIG NO!

Let's suppose this is the essay topic - What do you hope to gain professionally from XYZ MBA?

In such topics, most candidates talk about almost everything- from their backgrounds to their goals, except for answering the key question, "What professional benefits do you foresee from XYZ MBA?" which results in rejection.

Many candidates make this mistake because, in the urge to be the best, they try to be extra creative, write everything they can, and miss out on answering the main question.

And so you must resist this impulse and concentrate on the specific question at hand.

  1. Reflect on all your traits

MBA aspirants possess all traits of a strong leader, such as teamwork, innovation, communication, and so on. Hence, your essay must reflect all these traits to stand out.

For instance, tell them about how you led mental health campaigns at college to create awareness or how you led a team of 15 people at your workplace.

It is like marketing yourself to them and proving you're worth it.

So, don't miss the chance!

  1. Vision

Your mindset is everything!

Admission officers wish to understand your vision for how an MBA can help you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals, so you must express yourself and let them know how that institution will enhance your journey. Tell them about your plans and how you intend on getting from point A to point B.

For example:

"I am confident that my previous experience as a Medical and health services manager has well prepared me for pursuing this degree. XYZ university's specific courses in Management and Finance will allow me to expand the bandwidth of my knowledge and land me at ABCD company. My long-term objective is to make a lasting impact in the sector that benefits society as a whole, and acceptance into your university will be a significant step in that direction."

  1. Communicate

Your essay is a platform to communicate with the admission officer. They want to know about your current professional achievements and your journey. And so, you should be able to show him what you can bring to the table.

Simply saying, "I am the ideal prospect for your school," would not persuade the admissions committee to put you in the admit pile.

Instead, go for something like this "During my college, I also worked on developing an online platform to help senior citizens to assist them in their daily work. I catered to 6 senior citizens through the initiative."

Furthermore, it should feel more like a one-on-one conversation with the reader to make your essays more effective.

  1. Powerful Writing

Powerful writing means writing simple yet impressive.

Escalation of things doesn't work for MBA essays. Yes, we support the idea of storytelling in essays but being extra on it is boring.

So, please don't say the same thing in 25 words when you can say it in 10.

For example, consider this "As a person, I am very friendly and frank. I like talking to people and love to socialize."- when you look at it, you can see the sentence is too wordy, so instead of this, opt to be more concise, like "I am a people's person."

You don't need to fit in every tiny detail. Remember, you only have a few words to make it through.

And so it is best to write short, simple, and crisp!

  1. Demonstrate

I can't emphasize enough on it: "Demonstrate rather than showing." Talk about real experiences that have helped you grow in your life and profession. Being original is the key!

For example: "When I freshly graduated, I was overconfident and never took help from people at work, even when I felt I needed it. I made mistakes and learned that it is okay to seek help when necessary and realized un-learning is essential to learn something new."

If you have any work experience, either in an internship or a job, always claim them in numbers to make your essay more impressive.

For example: rather than saying, "I have dealt with many Fortune 500 clients and helped them save money", say, "I have worked with 10+ Fortune 500 companies and helped them save 1.1 million USD over a year."

The essay should reflect who you are, what inspires you, and what you are passionate about.

Bottom line

To summarize, the MBA essay is all about demonstrating your versatility, individuality, and uniqueness. I hope these strategies helped you.

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