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The importance of extracurricular activities in a master's application

You want to make it to the best college for your master's, right? Obviously, yes, everyone likes so!

And working on college applications is the biggest hurdle everyone faces; even Harry Potter faced the same!

So, do you know the secret spell that got him into Hogwarts?

Let me tell you, it's "extracurricular activities."

Extracurricular activities make up 30% of the candidates' profiles. It is one of the crucial elements you should work on because top colleges seek well-rounded individuals.

And so, let's look at the significance of extracurricular activities in a master's application and how it makes a difference in the application?

  • Reveals your identity:

Extracurriculars help you widen your perspective, improve your attitude, and can help you to stand out by showing admission officers that you are more than your CGPA, GRE, GMAT scores and professional achievements.

Example: Establishing a youth-led community outreach program that prophecies literature opportunities to rural areas that cannot afford English texts.

  • Tells about how polished you are as an individual:

Your participation in various ECs, whether sport, art, or theatre, indicates your ability to be well-rounded rather than only academically focused.

It demonstrates your interests and willingness to accept responsibilities outside of your employment.

Example: Your engagement in community service displays that you are deeply committed to assisting other people in hardship or need.

  • ECs showcase your contribution to society:

This talks a lot about who you are. If you have ever contributed or volunteered to help the community, mention it in your college application.

It shows that you're willing to use your idle time to help others and can be relied on, demonstrating your natural interest in the well-being of others.

Example: Volunteering a teaching programme at a local teaching academy and tutoring unprivileged children.

  • ECs can help you stand out from the crowd:

Extracurriculars can help you distinguish yourself from other candidates. Your work achievements and test results could be on par with those of other candidates. But participation in Ecs can give you an extra edge and make you shine brighter than others.

Example: Interning at NGO or at any organisation which helps you sharpen your skills.

  • ECs spotlight an individual's qualities:

Your involvement in many clubs and committees enables you to enhance your communication and teamwork abilities and demonstrate your leadership qualities. Or in simple words, it works on the holistic development of a person.

Thus, such activities might highlight your qualities and improve your odds of admission to your dream college.

Example: Discuss various events you might have organised at your college and how you used the same platform to raise awareness about different topics (like climate change).


At last, I would like to say that it's never too late to get started and get involved in an activity you are passionate about. Don't miss this opportunity; work on your extracurriculars and let your ECs do the talking!

Please feel free to contact WritersQi to get through the study abroad process smoothly.

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