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The Harvard HPAIR Conference

Updated: May 14, 2022

Writers Qi is excited to bring to you the Harvard HPAIR Asia Conference in collaboration with Learn with Leaders! The conference provides students with networking opportunities & allows them to gain first-hand insights into trending industry topics alongside the world's most famous leaders & Fortune 500 CEOs!

Why should a high schools student attend a conference? Well, conferences are essential. Let’s get into how you can benefit.

1. Network

At conferences, you get to meet like-minded people with a shared interest and passion. How amazing is that?

2. Connect with professionals

Meet advanced researchers and established senior professionals and scholars in your field of interest. Engage in discussions and presentations that open up new ways of thinking and also help yourself get seen by industry leaders!

3. Engage in high-level discussions

Most talks are followed by Q&A sessions and it’s not frowned upon to fire away with your most insightful questions. You can not only get your questions answered by an expert but also learn the art of putting yourself out there!

4. Real-time feedback

Test your ideas and receive real-time feedback on them from the industry leaders. What’s not to love? You can shorten the time on tweaking it and can establish your idea with a solid foundation.

5. Hands-on guidance

Some conferences, like the HPAIR, don’t just offer discussions about new ideas, but they also provide you with practical advice on more hands-on processes such as getting your research published, grasping internships, and taking part in thought leadership discussions.

6. Workshops

Workshops are a great way to learn a specific skill & hone it in a short period of time while engaging with like-minded individuals. HPAIR offers you the opportunity to do so.

So, you really have nothing to lose, only something to gain!

What about the Power of Networking?

Knowledge is power

With the job market as competitive as it is, it never hurts to have someone who knows what’s happening. The more people you know, the greater your chances are of finding out the information first.

A circle of trust

A successful network must be balanced, which means you should give as much as you get. This requires trust from both parties, so link yourself with people whose reputation and ethics you believe in.

Gain valuable opinions and tips

Social media is a great way to find others who share the same interests as yours. With so many online platforms, you can chat with like-minded professionals and gain from their experiences and knowledge.

Key takeaways of the HPAIR conference

⮚ You will receive a certificate & personalized letter of recommendation from Harvard which will be signed by top leaders in the field.

⮚ You will get the access to the HPAIR alumni network.

⮚ You will get a Special LinkedIn badge (Lifetime Access)

⮚ You can share your resume & receive internships curated for YOU!

⮚ Students will receive guidance from Top Fortune 500 executives

Last date to register: 31st July 2021

Event date: 20th to 23rd August 2021 (Timings TBD)

Pricing: $50 (Access Pass) & $149 (Early Bird Offer - FULL ACCESS)

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