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The benefits of studying in the USA

Are you planning to study abroad? Dreaming of an American study experience? Well, you are not alone. More than 1,000,000 students choose to study and start a remarkable career in the United States every year.

Nearly 5% of the total students enrolled in American universities are international students.

So, what makes the country the most sought-after study destination for students all over the world? Let’s look at some of the reasons that might help you decide if you should be joining those millions of international students in the USA.

World-class Universities

America has some of the best universities, courses and faculty in the world. Harvard, Stanford, Princeton or Yales - the much-aspired Ivy League universities have their roots in the USA. So, you may realize your American dream by applying to one of these prestigious universities. But even if you don’t consider the Ivy League colleges, the country offers loads of in-demand courses preferred by international and American students alike.

Some of the popular courses you can find here are Robotics at MIT, Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering at the University of California (UCB), Finance at UCLA and more.

Cutting-edge Resources

The country invests heavily in strengthening its education system for a seamless student experience. The universities offer high-end resources, fantastic research facilities and world-class faculty that will make your time studying here truly unforgettable.

High-tech labs, fully-equipped libraries, journal subscriptions, health services, personal consultation hours with professors, peer programs and free mental health counseling are just some of the resources at your disposal at these American Universities.

Cultural immersion

With over a million international students, American universities are a melting pot of cultures and offer unbeatable opportunities to network and interact with a diverse student community.

The cultural exchange programs offered at the universities make sure that you not only learn from others but also open up about the uniqueness of your culture.

If you are from a country where English isn’t widely spoken, there is no better way to polish your communication skills than by studying in the US, where you will get to interact, socialize and present yourself confidently in English with immense support from fellow students and faculty.

Building your Network

Studying abroad in America will give you innumerable opportunities to build your network with fellow students and even college alumni. Your network will go a long way in helping take those career leaps. Your alumni network will help you plan your next steps in the country, be it higher studies, research or jobs.

Fortifying your resume

After getting a degree, some students head back to their own countries to start a career and some extend their stays and look for job opportunities in America. Irrespective of your plans, international experience adds immense weight to your resume and will help open up great avenues for you whether it’s in the US or any other country.

Career opportunities

Although your F-1 visa expires as soon as your study duration ends, as a new graduate, you can stay in the US to complete an internship. A STEM OPT extension can get you a stay extension of up to one year.

International students need to start early and plan better if they want to gain real-world work experience in the US. Make the most of your college network as well as the career assistance program in your college. Keep your skills sharp and stay marketable.

For the ambitious, studying abroad is a great idea. The benefits of immersing yourself in a foreign land, culture and job market are endless. The learning goes beyond the curriculum and will leave you with lifelong memories. You will see a remarkable difference in your personality.

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