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Strengthening India-France Ties: PM Modi Extends French Post-Study Work Visa for Indian Students

In a significant move to deepen the relationship between India and France, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced the extension of the French post-study work visa for Indian students. During his visit to Paris for official engagements, PM Modi addressed the Indian community and shared the news of the five-year long-term post-study visa. This decision reflects the commitment to nurturing educational collaborations and promoting mutual growth between the two nations.

Expanding Opportunities for Indian Students

Previously, Indian students pursuing higher education in France were eligible for a two-year work visa upon completion of their studies. However, with the new announcement, this duration has been extended to five years. This provides Indian students with a longer period to explore professional opportunities and gain valuable international work experience in France, strengthening their career prospects upon returning to India.

Enhancing Educational and Cultural Ties

PM Modi's visit to France highlighted the significance of educational and cultural exchanges between the two countries. The extension of the post-study work visa is an important step towards fostering stronger ties in these areas. Indian students can now benefit from an extended period to immerse themselves in French culture, build professional networks, and contribute to the academic and research ecosystem of both nations.

Understanding French Student Visas

France offers various types of student visas to international students based on their study programs. These visas come with built-in eligibility for work permissions after the completion of studies. While short-duration courses do not permit students to stay in the country after their program ends, those pursuing long-term courses, such as bachelor's or master's degrees, are allowed to remain. It is essential for these students to hold a Long Stay Study Visa or a Visa de Long Sejour Etudes. In case the visa expires, students must apply for a residence permit at a prefecture to extend their stay.

Advancing Bilateral Collaboration

The decision to extend the post-study work visa for Indian students in France underscores the commitment of both nations to strengthen bilateral collaboration in education and beyond. This initiative encourages more Indian students to pursue higher education in France, fostering cultural exchange, innovation, and economic growth. It also opens avenues for collaboration between educational institutions, research organizations, and industries in India and France.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement regarding the extension of the French post-study work visa for Indian students marks a significant milestone in the bilateral relationship between India and France. This progressive step provides Indian students with extended opportunities to gain valuable international experience and contribute to both countries' growth and development. As educational and cultural ties between the two nations continue to deepen, this initiative will serve as a catalyst for further collaboration and exchange, benefiting students, academia, and industries in both India and France.

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