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Revolutionizing Admissions: St John's College's New Discussion-Based Approach

As an education consultant deeply committed to fostering meaningful and transformative learning experiences, I am delighted to introduce you to the groundbreaking Discussion-Based Application.

St. John’s College, renowned for its interdisciplinary curriculum centered around great books and classroom discussions, has taken a bold step in reimagining the college admissions process. The Discussion-Based Application offers a refreshing departure from conventional norms, presenting a distinct alternative to the traditional written application. This revolutionary approach assesses prospective students based on their capacity to engage in thoughtful, sustained conversations—a hallmark of the St. John’s educational experience.

Mark Roosevelt, President of St. John’s College Santa Fe, aptly summarizes the rationale behind this pioneering move: “We believe that the application process should reflect the essence of the education we provide. Our Discussion-Based Application embodies the spirit of intellectual exploration and deep engagement that defines St. John’s.”

While the college will continue to extend the choice of a conventional written application for students keen on showcasing their writing prowess, the Discussion-Based Application ushers in a new era of assessment. Prospective students will now embark on an evaluation journey encompassing two interviews and active participation in a St. John’s seminar. By eliminating the need for extensive written submissions, essays, and recommendations, this approach empowers those with strong verbal communication skills to truly shine.

The Discussion-Based Application process comprises two pivotal interview components. The initial interview, facilitated by a dedicated admissions counselor, provides a platform for applicants to delve into their passions, engage in meaningful dialogue, and gain deeper insights into the ethos of St. John’s. The second interview, helmed by a distinguished St. John’s faculty member, offers a captivating exploration of the applicant’s academic readiness, their perspective on the curriculum, and their literary favorites. This dynamic exchange mirrors the vibrant classroom discussions that epitomize the St. John’s experience.

This remarkable leap in admissions methodology underscores the college's unwavering commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and articulate communication. As an education consultant, I'm genuinely excited about the possibilities this innovation opens up for students who thrive through spoken discourse.

Let's applaud St. John’s College for embracing change and paving the way for a more inclusive, insightful, and experiential approach to higher education admissions. I encourage all my fellow educators, students, and stakeholders to explore this transformative initiative and contribute to shaping the future of admissions processes.

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