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How to write a research paper?

Updated: May 14, 2022

At Writers Qi, we often find students are unaware as to how to write a research paper. This is a skill that is required in your undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It is important to familiarise ourselves with how to handle the research. Often students scramble through the internet to find out information about writing a paper, the information confuses them even more!

Research papers should be about the kind of academic research that you do which involves your own analysis and research data. The first step is to formulate a question or a hypothesis and then spend time and effort to write a concise paper detailing your efforts to answer the question. It’s a great opportunity to show admission officers that you have a focus on academia and have some experience in trying to understand the kind of problems that are present in your chosen field of study. These papers once published, could be used as leverage for your applications and give the admission officers an insight into you as a student and individual as well.

So, how do we go about this process? You’re either too confused about what to research, what kind of questions you would like to address and answer, will it be a meaningful and impactful research question? All these questions are part of the normal thought process that students go through when contemplating their research. We, at Writers Qi, have made it simpler for you to understand the process of writing a research paper!

Check out our podcast on How to write a research paper by our founder, Anjali Raghbeer, and get started on the writing process!

Today, we also have Professor Dybowksi from the University of Cambridge who will talk about how students should conduct research.


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