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Great scholarship opportunities in the US and Europe

Updated: May 14, 2022

Getting a place in your dream college is one thing. Getting a scholarship opportunity is a different level of achievement altogether. The US and Europe are not known to be the cheapest places to live anyway. So, spending semesters with a high accommodation and living cost in addition to a hefty tuition fee sometimes takes away the thrill of studying in your dream university.

So, how can you make your plans of studying filmmaking in the New York University or Biochemistry in Germany realistic and achievable? The answer lies in scholarship opportunities in the US and Europe.

Almost every university here offers great scholarship opportunities for international students. It definitely takes high level of focus, long-term planning and attention to detail when it comes to putting together your scholarship application. So, this blog elaborates on the types of scholarships available for undergraduate international students.

Study abroad scholarship programs in Europe

- Belgian Government Scholarship

With over 130 scholarships for baccalaureate and masters and 70 scholarships for training, applying to the Belgian Government Scholarship is completely free and it covers expenses for undergraduate, graduate or continuing education students which include travel, living, insurance cost and more.

- Government of Hungary Scholarship

Scholarship for the deserving international students managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and coordinated by Tempus Public Foundation covering college fee, monthly stipend, accommodation expenses, cost of health insurance etc.

- Holland Scholarship for International Students

The scholarship amount of 5000 Euros funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is reserved for the international students from outside the European Economic Area who wish to do their bachelor or master degree in the Netherlands.

- Government of Austria Scholarships

Funded by the Austria Development Corporation, this scholarship covers your study in Austrian Universities and is open to students from any country to study in Austria for free.

- Türkiye Scholarships for International Students

An outstanding scholarship program funded by the government of Turkey. It is a highly competitive merit-based scholarship reserved for excellent performers looking to pursue full-time or short-term program at the top universities in Turkey.

A university-funded scholarship that offers half fee waiver for full-time undergraduate courses taught at the Sheffield Hallam University.

Study abroad Scholarship programs in the US

A popular scholarship option for academically-qualified incoming international first-year undergraduate students. The scholarship amount ranges from U.S.$6,000 to U.S.$25,000 per academic year.

The only school in the United States providing 100% funding to 100% of enrolled international students for the first year of enrolment is Berea College. The scholarship covers the costs of tuition, room, board, and fees. In addition, the college also provides summer jobs to international student.

The Clark Global Scholars Program offers a scholarship of $15,000 to $25,000 per year and a guaranteed $2,500 taxable stipend for a paid internship taken for academic junior year.

A merit-based financial aid that increases in value based on academic ability and ranges from $15,000 up to $28,000 per year.

The college offers a range of scholarships and loans to international students, including a travel to the U.S. coverage

A purely merit-based scholarship ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 based on a holistic review of SAT or ACT scores and high school marks/grades

An outstanding opportunity that offers full tuition scholarships for a four-year bachelor’s course at Wesleyan for 11 academically brilliant Asian students. In addition, the university also assists almost 30 foreign students by offering them financial aid.

Almost all universities in the US and Europe have scholarship options for international students. The criteria, amount, and benefits however, differ from college to college. A successful scholarship application takes enormous research, planning and consultation.

Book a consultation with us to discuss your study abroad plans and we can guide you through your application as well as scholarship process.

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