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Exploring the World of Oxbridge Essay Competitions: List of 10 Competitions and Subject Categories

Oxford and Cambridge, two prestigious universities located in the United Kingdom, are renowned for their rigorous academic standards and intellectual excellence. Among the many opportunities they offer, Oxbridge essay competitions stand out as a unique platform for students to showcase their critical thinking, research abilities, and passion for their chosen subjects. In this blog, we will delve into the world of Oxbridge essay competitions, providing you with 10 examples across various subject categories.


a) English Literature: The Oxford English Essay Prize invites students to explore literary themes, analyze texts, and develop well-structured arguments.

b) History: Cambridge's Historical Essay Competition covers a wide range of historical periods and encourages students to engage with primary and secondary sources.

Social Sciences:

a) Economics: The Marshall Society Essay Competition, organized by Cambridge, focuses on contemporary economic issues, requiring students to apply economic theories to real-world problems.

b) Politics and International Relations: The Oxford Political Review's Essay Competition offers students the chance to discuss political theories, analyze global events, and propose policy solutions.


a) Biological Sciences: The Oxford Biology Essay Competition explores topics such as genetics, ecology, and biotechnology, promoting critical thinking and scientific communication skills.

b) Physics: Cambridge's Woolf Essay Prize challenges students to delve into complex physics concepts, encouraging original thinking and clear explanations.

Mathematics and Computer Science:

a) Mathematics: The Oxford Mathematical Institute runs an essay competition that encourages students to explore mathematical concepts, solve problems, and present their findings concisely.

b) Computer Science: Cambridge's Computer Science Essay Prize asks students to tackle cutting-edge technological issues, discuss the social implications of computer science, and propose innovative solutions.

Philosophy and Theology:

a) Philosophy: The Oxford Philsoc Philosophy Essay Prize invites students to engage with philosophical ideas, argue for or against philosophical positions, and develop logical reasoning skills.

b) Theology: Cambridge's Theology and Religious Studies Essay Prize encourages students to explore religious texts, engage with theological debates, and critically analyze different religious traditions.

Creative Writing:

a) Poetry: The Oxford University Poetry Society's (OUPS) Poetry Competition invites aspiring poets to submit their original works, allowing them to express their creativity and showcase their poetic talent.

b) Short Story: Cambridge's The Thomas Campion English Prize for Creative Writing challenges students to craft compelling short stories, demonstrating their storytelling skills and imaginative prowess.


Oxbridge essay competitions provide an exceptional opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of various subjects, refine their research and analytical skills, and engage with academia at a higher level. The examples mentioned above represent just a fraction of the wide range of competitions available across numerous disciplines. By participating in these competitions, students not only enhance their academic profiles but also gain valuable experience that prepares them for future studies and careers. So, if you have a passion for a particular subject, don't hesitate to explore the world of Oxbridge essay competitions and embark on an intellectual journey like no other.

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