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Culinary Arts – A Scrumptious Career With a Promising Future

Love experimenting with food? Here’s a recipe to fire up your passion for cooking: culinary arts.

Watching Master Chef since he was 10, Rohit from Pune, has been dreaming of achieving “gastronomical” heights in the arena of culinary arts.

With innumerable opportunities available in the field of culinary arts, it has become one of the most sought-after career options today. Let’s look at the top institutes offering culinary arts and the future prospects that it offers to its students.

The World in a Plate

Culinary arts schools around the world offer various bachelors, masters, and other professional degree courses. While Indian culinary schools are striving to keep up with global trends, there are a few elite and established culinary institutes around the globe that continue to be “specials” on the menu for aspiring culinary arts candidates.

Among others, several schools in the European countries have become a pioneer in the world of culinary arts, including the Swiss Education Group and other Swiss culinary schools.

Swiss Culinary Art Schools

The Swiss Education Group, which is an alliance of five different hospitality schools and other Swiss culinary schools, is undoubtedly a chartbuster when it comes to the quality of education and future prospects. The Swiss Education Group has almost 40 years of experience in imparting culinary education with a special focus on leadership and entrepreneurial skill to ensure a promising future for its students. They offer short-term, bachelor’s and mater courses to cater to individual needs. Some of the top Swiss culinary institutes include:

1. Swiss Education Group:

● The Swiss Hotel Management School

● The Hotel Institute Montreux

● Cesar Ritz College

● Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland

● International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute

2. DCT European Culinary Arts and Pastry and Chocolate Center

3. International Culinary Management Institute Luzern

4. Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Evolving Global Culinary Paradigm

The role of a chef is no more limited to the kitchen. With rapid changes across the globe, culinary arts has come up as a new-age career option with multiple job prospects and opportunities. Few of the culinary vocations that you may consider include:

Chef: There are opportunities to become an executive chef, a head chef at the fine-dine restaurants, or a bakery and pastry chef.

Food Blogger/Stylist and Other Options: In the rapidly changing world which is highly driven by marketing, there are opportunities to become a food journalist, food blogger, food photographer, or a food stylist. Also, you may even consider becoming a food presenter for TV shows.

Consultation and Entrepreneurship: Apart from the above options, one can become a Kitchen-design consultant, a food tech entrepreneur, start your own restaurant or a food taster for new recipes. Also, you may look for administrative and managerial positions in various restaurants and hotels.

Don the Chef’s Hat: CULINARY CONTEST

Is your mouth watering with all that food talk? At Writers Qi, we encourage you to make the most of your passion, while planning your career. Don’t just take our word for it. Participate in our upcoming

CULINARY CONTEST by sharing your pictures of cooking during the lockdown. During the lockdown, each of us became a chef. And we want to encourage all those people who have a passion for cooking but may not have had the opportunity to study it. What’s more, a famous chocolatier from Delhi, @gitanasingh, has made delectable boxes of custom-made chocolate for the winners! Hurry up to win your box of chocolate, send in a pic of your best dish to

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