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Choosing your undergraduate program: 5 Important Factors to Consider

Updated: May 14, 2022

College admission is an important decision in every student’s life. Sometimes irreversible too. They say, love your job, and you will never have to work ever again in your life. The same holds for education. Choosing an undergraduate program that justifies your passion will make your college journey rewarding. On the contrary, if you make a hasty decision, or follow others blindly, your college duration may end up being dis-satisfactory and futile.

So, it’s important to choose the right course and the right subjects in your undergraduate program. How do you make that choice? We are here to ease your decision-making process. Read on to discover 5 very important factors that may make or mar your college education and even your career beyond that.

1. Cost and duration of the course

You may get to pursue your dream course in your dream college, but before taking that plunge, find out the investment in terms of money and time. After all, we all want a fruitful career after graduation, right? Are the course and the subjects you choose manageable financially? How long is the duration of the course? Is a follow-up post-grad course mandatory? What all peripheral qualifications do you require in order to secure admission into the course of your choice? Does it need a language of origin proficiency certificate? If yes, how much does that cost?

Consider every step that leads you to your Dream College and course. Leave no room for last-minute surprises.

2. Employability

What next? That’s a very important question to ask yourself before choosing an undergraduate program at the college of your choice. Most students aspire for a career and backtrack their steps to a fitting course that may help them reach their goals. And that’s a great way to go about it.

However, some students want to study abroad because it’s cool! There is a general perception that foreign education increases the chances of employability. While choosing courses with great employability scope in a sought-after undergraduate university abroad might increase your employment prospects, it’s not true for every course or subject there is.

Find answers to these significant questions

- What employment opportunities does the course or subject guarantee?

- Are there chances of a great career in the country you have chosen to study?

- Is there enough scope to pursue a career in the preferred subject back in your country?

- What’s special about the course? What current people or planet problem does it help to solve?

- Is there a long-term need or value of the line of education?

Plan for at least 5 years after the completion of your undergraduate college program. Go for it if you see a clear road after graduation. Omit chances of dead-ends.

3. Internship

Speaking of employability, it’s not easy for a fresh graduate to secure a decent job unless he has jaw-dropping scores or some prior experience. Seeking that first big break turns into an ordeal affecting th zeal of freshers negatively. Thankfully, many universities offer internship opportunities during the final year of the course. An internship gives your career that much-needed head start. You may earn a minimal stipend as remuneration but the experience you will earn during your internship is gold. Check your course curriculum. Does it include at least a 3-to-6-month internship?

4. Style of Assessment

Another factor you can’t neglect is the assessment style of the chosen university or course. What all metrics will you be judged against? What is the mode of assessment? Does it include a provision for online assessments? Does it offer distance learning options? What is the course delivery method? And does it suit you?

5. Alma mater

The Alma mater of the institution and the course you are seeking can give you insights like no other. Speak to students who have been there, done that. See where they are. Connect with them politely and ask them to guide you in your decision-making process.

Finally, an expert opinion is indispensable in choosing the right college and course. Admissions consultants work with hundreds of students like you helping them choose the right college and subjects, helping them with their paperwork, and guiding them through the entire undergraduate college admission process.

At WritersQi, we study you. We work on your dreams and your aspirations; make an informed decision based on your educational background, passion, and your course preferences. Book an appointment with us to begin the journey to your dream college.

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