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5 Common App Mistakes To Avoid

You must have landed here after Googling for “What mistakes to avoid when filling out life-changing application forms.”

We know you wish to attend that dream university; if it were in our hands, we would’ve already sent the acceptance letter, but we can't. However, we can help you avoid typical application blunders before you hit the submit button!

So let's have a look at 5 common application mistakes you should avoid!

Avoid using universal reasons in your apps:

A big no-no if you have written general reasons for why you wish to get into a specific college. For example, don't tell them you like their world-class infrastructure or the low student-teacher ratio. They already know this information. Make it personal and to the point.

So, how do you make your application distinctive from the crowd?

To make your essay stand out, do some homework on the college/university and connect with current students or graduates on LinkedIn.

When you provide some worthwhile reasons based on such a study, it shows that you are genuinely interested, which in turn makes you stand out.

When you don’t proofread:

Forgetting to proofread is the worst mistake you'll ever make!!

You may have overlooked proofreading your exam paper, but this could be a nightmare!

Always remember to proofread everything before hitting the submit button. This can keep you from making common grammatical errors that you might have made unknowingly. It shows you’re sloppy about your work.

Not mentioning extracurriculars

You are not composing a break-up song like Taylor Swift, but rather something deeper.

Rather than just writing about yourself and your life, write about extracurricular activities you participated in during your school or undergrad journey, showcase how enthusiastic you are about a subject, why you deserve to be there, and make a difference!

PRO TIP: Do not overemphasize your extracurricular; know the difference between what can make an impact and what cannot.

Boring way of writing content

If your essays are presented in a dull or boring way your application may not stand out. But that doesn't mean your use of heavy vocabulary will make your essay shine.

You need to be more presentable so that you appear immaculate despite your flaws.

For instance, don't use direct statements like “I was XYZ and did this and achieved this." This gives the reader bland information without any context.

The key purpose is to show the reader how you got from point A to point B through your actions and experience.

Avoid unnecessary details:

Do not simply wake up one day and begin writing like a machine.

We all have a bright and dark side, therefore you must strike a balance in how you present yourself. If you fail to do so chances of rejections are high. So, before you begin: brainstorm and organize your thoughts in a notebook.

These are some roadblocks you can overcome in order to create an amazing essay. And if you still feel you need expert assistance, schedule an appointment with WritersQi to make your journey smoother!

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