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10 Art and Design Competitions for High School Students: Showcasing Young Creative Talent

Art and design competitions offer a fantastic opportunity for high school students to unleash their creative potential, gain valuable experience, and receive recognition for their talent. Participating in these competitions not only showcases their artistic abilities but also opens doors to scholarships, internships, and future career opportunities. In this blog, we'll delve into 10 outstanding art and design competitions specifically curated for high school students.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards:

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is a prestigious competition that recognizes exceptional creative work across various disciplines. High school students can submit their artwork or writing in diverse categories, including painting, photography, sculpture, poetry, and more. Winners receive scholarships, exhibition opportunities, and national recognition.

Doodle for Google:

Doodle for Google invites high school students to design a Google logo incorporating their unique artistic style and a given theme. This competition allows young artists to showcase their creativity on a global scale. The winner's artwork is displayed on Google's homepage, and they receive a college scholarship and other exciting prizes.

YoungArts Competition:

YoungArts is a renowned national competition that celebrates excellence in visual, literary, and performing arts. High school students can submit their work in various categories, such as visual arts, design, photography, and more. Winners receive financial awards, mentorship opportunities, and the chance to participate in an annual week-long intensive program.

National Geographic Student Photo Contest:

For aspiring photographers, the National Geographic Student Photo Contest offers a captivating platform. High school students can submit their stunning photographs that reflect the world's beauty, cultures, and diverse landscapes. Winners receive recognition, photography equipment, and the opportunity to learn from National Geographic photographers.

Congressional Art Competition:

Organized by the U.S. House of Representatives, the Congressional Art Competition encourages young artists to submit their artwork to their local representatives. Winners from each district have their artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one year, gaining exposure and recognition.

Vans Custom Culture Competition:

The Vans Custom Culture Competition challenges high school students to unleash their creativity on a pair of blank Vans shoes. Participants can design and customize the shoes based on a given theme. Finalists receive monetary prizes for their schools, and the winning design is produced and sold in Vans stores.

The Scholastic Book Fair Student Art Contest:

Focused on illustrating children's books, The Scholastic Book Fair Student Art Contest allows high school artists to showcase their storytelling abilities through visuals. Winners have their artwork featured in Scholastic's book fairs and receive art supplies and gift certificates.

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) High School Competitions:

AIGA hosts a range of design competitions exclusively for high school students, such as poster design, logo design, and typography. These competitions encourage young designers to think critically and creatively, offering them the chance to win prizes and gain recognition from industry professionals.

The Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge:

For those with a passion for creature design and special effects, The Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge is a thrilling opportunity. High school students can participate in this TV competition where they create and bring imaginary creatures to life. Winners receive internships at the Jim Henson Creature Shop and exposure to the entertainment industry.

The Game Design Challenge:

The Game Design Challenge invites high school students to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills by designing innovative and engaging games. Winners receive recognition, exposure to industry professionals, and the opportunity to attend gaming conferences.


Art and design competitions for high school students provide a remarkable platform for young artists to express their creativity, gain recognition, and unlock exciting opportunities. These competitions not only showcase their talent but also provide a stepping stone towards a bright future in the creative industry. By participating in these contests, high school students can cultivate their skills, build their portfolios, and set themselves on a path to success in the artistic world. So, let the creative journey begin!

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