About us

 Anjali Raghbeer

OVerseas Education Consultant 

MBA, The London Business School

Writers Qi is a professional overseas education and admissions consulting agency founded to provide guidance to students who are college-bound. Our student clients come from different school systems and various geographical locations (India, US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan). Through the application process, we work with the student (and the parent) to develop the individual profile and present the unique identity of the young adult in the application. Over the past 6 years, Writers Qi has successfully placed students in top schools including the Ivy leagues.


Writers Qi was founded by Anjali Raghbeer as many students would come to her for writing help. With her strong writing background, she enables students to bring out their unique personality. Writers Qi believes in constructive feedback to make the student excel. Writers Qi prides itself for being a professional counselling service.